Dried Flower Alphabet Cards

My mom gave me these wild flowers that sheโ€™d been collecting (and pressing/drying) on her travels.

I love them so much and wanted to create something that I could share.


Free Driftwood Alphabet Cards – Save and print.

Beck made his name, and I made these fun cards! Please feel free to click, save and print the images to use with your kids. Please do not use the images for purpose of sale – but do feel free to share them with anyone who may find them useful.


Paper Dolls Free Printable

What a crazy time this is!

We’re staying close to home and also trying hard to stay calm, playful and busy.

I made this paper doll printable with the idea of sharing it with a few friends but then decided to throw it on the blog and offer it up to anyone who might enjoy it!


100 Loose Parts

‘Loose Parts’ ‘Treasures’ ‘Bits and Bobs’ whatever you call them – they are items that are open ended and versatile, encourage imagination and creativity and are often inexpensive or free.

It’s no wonder they’ve been a favourite of educators and parents for many years!

Here are 100 Loose Parts that we love – and that are currently on our shelf.