Who I Am 

This is Me….

Champion Bull Riding Baby Wear-er 😜 .

Okay, not actually.

I’m a Mother (at times embarrassing-see above photo)

To a 13 year old daughter, 10 year old step daughter, 9 year old son, 22 month old daughter, 8 month old son and bonus 14&16 year old step daughters (my honeys step girls from a previous marriage)

I have a background in Early Childhood Education, a passion for learning through play and a love for creating activities and materials that are inviting and inexpensive.

My wonderful Honey is a teacher and so, among other things, we share a love for learning.

This is my brain…

It gets messy but they love me anyways.

I love the outdoors and believe that the benefits of being in nature are endless.  I will be sharing many outdoor play activities, in all areas of learning.

I’m also a lover of art – as a form of therapy.

I manage an anxiety disorder and title of ‘former drinker’ by keeping myself active in art.

I have many wonderful, colourful miles to go!

Join me! Please follow my blog and share my posts! ❤️