DIY Simple Stove Top

If creating a big mud kitchen seems like too much work… start with a simple stove top.

This one is light and easy to move around (on the deck, at the beach, out in the woods etc…) Add a few pots and pans and you can set up a little kitchen space just about anywhere!


The Enchanted Forest

As a Mother and Early Childhood Educator, I have always been interested in finding ways to engage our children in play.  I love the outdoors, love to get messy and thought that the nice little wooded area in the front of our house would be a great place to create a variety of ‘play stations’ for our kids.  Each area has been made with almost all recycled or ‘found’ materials.


The Dirty Diner

Welcome to our Dirty Diner! The food is cold and the Cook always has filthy hands!
This area started out as a simple ‘mud kitchen’ but has grown into a very busy restaurant. The kids take turns cooking and waiting on hungry customers.