Play Scarves

I bought some cheese cloth from the dollar store.

We put it on a tray (we use boot trays for activities like this)

I set up some food colouring and small containers of water.

Use squeeze bottles or eye droppers if you’d prefer to water down your dye.


Try making this Colourful Window/Wall Hanging.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have LOVED Shrink Art.

My 14 year old daughter made these ones with me today. Aren’t they pretty?

Simply draw, cut and bake!

We put holes in ours before baking and then hung them from a branch in the window.


Music Wall Workshop August ’16

About a month ago, I put a post out offering to host a free Music Wall Workshop, for Teachers and Early Childhood Educators.  With a good number signed up, I started collecting materials.


DIY Music Station

My Sister-in-law Lisa and I decided that we’d like to work together to create something fun. She’s a teacher and loves music, so we decided on an Outdoor Music Station.


Muck n’Music 

Wander down the path to our Muck n’ Music station! Bang on the drums with your dirty hands and sing your little heart out!