Store Open! 

Check it out!

10 items to launch but there will be many more products out in the next few week.

Thanks so much to those who have already placed orders.


DIY Simple Stove Top

If creating a big mud kitchen seems like too much work… start with a simple stove top.

This one is light and easy to move around (on the deck, at the beach, out in the woods etc…) Add a few pots and pans and you can set up a little kitchen space just about anywhere!


The Art of Dumping

Prior to a month ago, I had never been to our local dump.  I had never (other than as a passenger in the vehicle once or twice) taken anything to the dump.  Taking the garbage to the dump was just not my thing.  Now a days, I visit the dump daily.


The Dirty Diner

Welcome to our Dirty Diner! The food is cold and the Cook always has filthy hands!
This area started out as a simple ‘mud kitchen’ but has grown into a very busy restaurant. The kids take turns cooking and waiting on hungry customers.


Muck n’Music 

Wander down the path to our Muck n’ Music station! Bang on the drums with your dirty hands and sing your little heart out!