Try making this Colourful Window/Wall Hanging.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have LOVED Shrink Art.

My 14 year old daughter made these ones with me today. Aren’t they pretty?

Simply draw, cut and bake!

We put holes in ours before baking and then hung them from a branch in the window.


DIY Alphabet Set

You’ll need a silicone candy mold set.

I bought this set at Michaels for $22 -minus 50% off with the coupon on the app.

I will have a TON of different ideas for how to use these molds! They’re a fabulous add to your craft cupboard.

Carefully – Fill each section with hot glue!


Free Counting Cards

Right click on each image below, save and print.

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If you’d like to order a set of the wood burned disc letters/numbers shown in these photos, visit


Free Printable 

Right click, save and print the images below!

Use them to create Story Starters, Flash Cards, Book Marks and Birthday Cards or simply add the pages to your Creative Arts Area.


DIY Stick and String Letters 

These are easy to make and with very little materials needed, inexpensive as well!

I printed the letters out and then outlined them in sharpie. This was to give me a good working space and so that I could use each letter as a guide.