Try making this Colourful Window/Wall Hanging.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have LOVED Shrink Art.

My 14 year old daughter made these ones with me today. Aren’t they pretty?

Simply draw, cut and bake!

We put holes in ours before baking and then hung them from a branch in the window.


Magic Mirror

I found this Industrial Safety Mirror at the dump…

So naturally, I loaded it in the van, brought it home, washed it up and added it to our Enchanted Forest.


The Sandy Bottom Boat 

Why have a sandbox, when you can have a sand-BOAT!

So I was at the dump the other day (far too many of my stories start this way…) and in the Scrap Metal bin… A Boat! I asked a friend to help me pull it out, and my honey to borrow a truck and pick it up (he doesn’t even bat an eye anymore) I pulled it down into the forest… Decorated it a little… Filled it with sand and it’s ready for play!