Playground Makeover Part 2 – ‘The Little Nest Diner’

When I went to contest winner Kathys house, I thought I’d be doing a little makeover of her small home daycare space… (see the first post below)

Playground Makeover – Before and After -Part 1  


Painted Rock Faces

I painted these rocks today and the kids loved how they turned out.

(Minus the little. He had a sort of ‘love/hate’ thing going on.  Quite honestly, I think they scared him a little.)


DIY Simple Stove Top

If creating a big mud kitchen seems like too much work… start with a simple stove top.

This one is light and easy to move around (on the deck, at the beach, out in the woods etc…) Add a few pots and pans and you can set up a little kitchen space just about anywhere!


Rock Race Track 

Collect flat rocks and wash them, then set them out to dry.

Once they’re completely dry, use acrylic paint and paint roads. Use multiple coats. I applied white first, then grey and then added the yellow lines.