100 Loose Parts

‘Loose Parts’ ‘Treasures’ ‘Bits and Bobs’ whatever you call them – they are items that are open ended and versatile, encourage imagination and creativity and are often inexpensive or free.

It’s no wonder they’ve been a favourite of educators and parents for many years!

Here are 100 Loose Parts that we love – and that are currently on our shelf.


DIY Alphabet Set

You’ll need a silicone candy mold set.

I bought this set at Michaels for $22 -minus 50% off with the coupon on the app.

I will have a TON of different ideas for how to use these molds! They’re a fabulous add to your craft cupboard.

Carefully – Fill each section with hot glue!


Thrift Store Activity #1

I bought a bag of little spoons for $1.99 at Value Village. The kids love them. I put them into a burlap bag and added them to their little play diner area.


DIY Calming Tubes

I have always loved making beautiful sensory bottles. They’re often used to help a child to calm and relax, as they quietly watch the contents float and swirl around.