Paper Dolls Free Printable

doll pic 1st

What a crazy time this is!

We’re staying close to home and also trying hard to stay calm, playful and busy.

I made this paper doll printable with the idea of sharing it with a few friends but then decided to throw it on the blog and offer it up to anyone who might enjoy it!

It’s such a simple activity that will keep the little ones (and their big people) happy for hours.

Save each file, print and use how you’d like.

If you’re planning to print them out on paper for the kids to cut/decorate/colour – you may want to try printing on card stock (if you have it) No worries if you don’t. We just used regular printer paper.

You could also print these out and use them as templates to make a felt set.

Add a variety of loose parts and building materials (cardboard boxes, tubes, tape, string) and challenge the kids to build the dolls houses, restaurants, cities etc.

Give their dolls names and create a story for them.  Attach craft sticks to the back and turn them into puppets.

Big People Challenge  (’cause you may as well join in the fun)

Create a doll that looks like your spouse

Create two dolls – 1 of YOU before kids and 1 of YOU after kids

Create a doll that represents you on a really good day, doing your thing.

Create a doll that represents your biggest pet peeve.

Create a doll that’s sharing a positive message.

Hope you’re all finding ways to enjoy this very strange time and most importantly that you are staying  healthy!

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RBM Paper Doll 1

RBM Paper Doll 2

RBM Paper Doll 3

RBM Paper Doll 4

RBM Paper Doll 5

6 thoughts on “Paper Dolls Free Printable

  1. Iris Siegler

    Thank you for posting this! Do we need to add tabs on the clothes if using paper? I grew up with paper dolls. Would play for hours. Would be fun to do finger puppets and have the children act out a fairy tale with them or a favorite nursery rhyme.


  2. Jodie Dutton

    You have been an inspiration and a saw dust sparkling bright spot for me! I am a early childhood educator on “spring break forever” and I will be creating beautiful things for my classroom while the kids are away. Grateful for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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