Play Scarves

I bought some cheese cloth from the dollar store.

We put it on a tray (we use boot trays for activities like this)

I set up some food colouring and small containers of water.

Use squeeze bottles or eye droppers if you’d prefer to water down your dye.

Cover the cheese cloth in food colouring. Add drops of water to spread the dye.

You could also use string or clothes pins to create a patterned effect.

Once your cheese cloth is good and colourful, rinse it under cold water until the water runs clear.

Hang your scarf to dry.

Once it’s dry you can use it as a scarf, like Phoebe (pictured below)

Or – Scarves provide opportunity for very open ended play.

Make a bunch and add them to your building and blocks area, loose parts shelf, music and movement space or dramatic centre.

How do you use play scarves in the classroom?

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