DIY Alphabet Set

This is so easy!

Right Brained Mom Alphabet DIY
You’ll need a silicone candy mold set.

I bought this set at Michaels for $22 -minus 50% off with the coupon on the app.

I will have a TON of different ideas for how to use these molds! They’re a fabulous add to your craft cupboard.

Carefully – Fill each section with hot glue!

While it’s still ‘tacky’ add your decorations.

I used lots of  bits and pieces, such as; beads, buttons, glitter, string, feathers and pom-poms.

You could also decorate each letter with items that correspond to the letter sound  i.e. Bells for ‘B’ …

or – leave them as is – they look like ice and then add them to an ‘ice and snow’ water/sensory table!

Once the glue has cooled and hardened, just pop the letter out.

Simple, right?!

What do you think?

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