Dirt Shirt Contest info at the bottom of the post. 

I grabbed this large construction sign out of the scrap metal bin at the dump. It looks perfect in the ‘Forest Construction Zone’

I filled this space with lots of loose parts; rocks (a variety of sizes), stumps, boards, pipes, pine cones, moss, tubes, old licence plates, driftwood, bark, old tires etc. And then added a few construction vehicles.

It’s amazing what kids will create out of the various bits and pieces around them.

This Forest Construction Zone is a space for kids to be curious, to explore and to use their imaginations. 

It’s also a fabulous space to get DIRTY! Which brings me to the contest… 

How cute is this shirt? 

From, Little Adventurer Shop :

The Dirt Shirt! Yes, this shirt is white! Does that freak you out a bit? I hope to see your memories (via stains) on The Dirt Shirt! Let’s see these white shirts no-longer white! Let your adventures dirty these shirts…let you #EmbraceThisMess ! How many stains can The Dirt Shirt collect before it’s time to size up?! Let the stains tell the story of your playful Little Ones adventures! 

#TheDirtShirt #StainsOnTopOfStains

Want a chance to win a Dirt Shirt? 

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