Painted Rock Faces

I painted these rocks today and the kids loved how they turned out.

(Minus the little. He had a sort of ‘love/hate’ thing going on.  Quite honestly, I think they scared him a little.)

Hours of fun. Ridiculous and slightly creepy, but fun. 🙂

Want to make a set?

  • Grab some rocks

  • Give them a wash
  • Allow to dry
  • Paint them with an acrylic paint

  • Paint multiple layers and allow to dry.
  • Spray them with an acrylic sealer.

This would make a fun group project. Divide into ‘noses’, ‘mouths’, ‘eyes’ etc!

Great for outside on the playground or brought in doors.

What do you think? Fun or Creepy?

7 thoughts on “Painted Rock Faces

  1. Rachael

    Yes a bit creepy but also brilliant! I am on Amazon now ordering the acrylic sealer. Being Mum, nursery worker and soon to be childminder I love building up inventive resources. Going to get the boys to help collect and wash the rocks (4 yr old LOVES his mud kitchen) so that in itself is an activity. Thanks and keep on using that brain 😉

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