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My mom is an amazing photographer. She has the most incredible collection of wildlife photos, and almost all were taken on her property.  I swear that the animals actually pose for her.

I wanted to make the kids some animals for their outdoor play space and thought it would be fun to use my moms photos.

She kindly offered these ones up for you to print and use as well, so I’ll add the photos below. (Of course, these are not to be used for sale. Please keep for personal and classroom use! We love to help Educators fill their classrooms but do not want to see these up on Etsy! Lol)

First, I took a scrap piece of wood and cut it into small blocks. I sanded the edges and added a beeswax sealer.

Next I printed the photos on plain white paper, sized to fit nicely on the blocks, and then cut each picture out.

I gave the block a nice thick layer of mod podge, stuck the photo on and added a top coat.

And that’s it! Very easy.

If you’d like to make a set;

Right click and save each image below.

1.Ruby Throated Hummingbird (female)

2. Red Bellied Woodpecker

3. Mule Deer

4. River Otter

5. Black Bear
6. Common Loon

7. Monarch Butterfly

8. Grackle

9. Grey Tree Frog

10. River Otter

11. Saw Whet Owl

12. Red Fox

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