A big dome mirror is my favourite  add to any playground.  It’s an excellent tool for exploration, a fun surface for sensory play, brightens and lightens a dark area, can help to eliminate problem playground ‘blind spots’ and its also fun for goofy-face-making-play. 😜 Note- These mirrors are not meant to be walked on. If you have little wild ones, remind them (or hang them up. )

They are inexpensive to buy, lightweight and durable.  Also, very easy to hang on a fence or set up on a table top. 

This is the company I ordered the (pictured) mirror from. They were super helpful and my mirror arrived at my door two days after placing my order. 

Here’s their website and Facebook page. 



Plus! ….

I’m going to give away one beautiful set of ‘Sparkly Loose Parts Rocks and Gems’which will be amazing to explore on top of one of these mirrors! 

To enter, go to my FB page, find the corresponding post and follow the directions.