From That to This. $5 LightBox 

I found this old cutlery box at a local thrift store for $2.

Our youngest, Beckett, shares my love of rocks, gems and buttons. He sits quietly sorting them from one dish to another. So I decided to turn this cutlery box into a little table top lightbox.

It was simple. Want to make one?

  • Clean it up. Sand it, wipe it down etc.
  • Take the lid off the box (you may need to unscrew the hinges)
  • Draw a rectangle on the lid and cut it out using a jig saw (or get your dad to do it, like I did today 😜)
  • Cut a piece of plexiglass to fit snugly into the inside of the lid. I got this sheet of plexiglass at the dump – but you can buy it at your local hardware store.
  • Buy a few dollar store push led lights or flashlights and add these to the inside of the box.
  • Reattach your lid!

What do you think?

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to share this post and anything else that interests you on my blog! 💕

2 thoughts on “From That to This. $5 LightBox 

  1. Susan

    Great idea! Love the light box out of a cutlery box, I think I would attach the plexiglass on the bottom of the box and leave the lid on and add a mirror Inside the lid so when opened it would reflect what is in the box for a different perspective. I might have to get on this and find an old cutlery box. Thank you!

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