My honey Mark, is a teacher who loves Math.

He talks Math, like Bubba talked Shrimp.

Me – I’m learning to enjoy Math.  In the past I would say  ‘I’m not a math person…’ or  ‘I can’t do math‘ and Mark would passionately say ‘Of course you are! Anyone can be!‘ He would get all fired up about the ‘old ways of teaching’ that must have caused my math insecurities. So – I’ve changed my mindset. I’m trying to grow a new love for Math. More importantly, I’m trying to share this joy for Math with our kids.

I’ve always enjoyed setting up ‘Invitations for Play’

Here are some photos of this mornings Early Math set up.

Interested in winning this handmade-with Math love- little Math set? 

Yes, I’ll ship anywhere.

How to Win…

Follow the directions below.

Go visit Mark on his Blog.

Comment ‘I love Math’ on one of his posts. (You can follow his blog by submitting an email if you’d like. He’s always happy to answer your math related questions.)

Visit me on my FB page

Like the Page and the Post, then Tag a Friend and Share! 

Drawing a winner on March 18 2017

Thanks for reading and sharing! ❤️

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