From this to that! The Lil’Dirty Diner DIY 

I found this big solid table for $15 at my local thrift store.

I thought it would work well for a kids kitchen area, so I bought it.

I also grabbed a wooden head board for $5.

Kids kitchens can be very expensive. I found one online recently that I loved but it was over $500!  I figured I’d see what I could put together, and hoped to keep the cost under $100.

I sanded the table and the head board.

I took the posts off the headboard and drew 2 rectangles in the centre of the board to cut out.

After cutting the ‘windows’ out, I screwed the headboard to the table.

And then I added details…

I made some curtains and hung them on a dowel, over the windows.

I painted a stove top and grabbed a stainless steel retangular tray as a sink.

Total cost was about $50 and the kids love it. 🙂

Have you made a kitchen for your kids? How did it turn out? ❤️

6 thoughts on “From this to that! The Lil’Dirty Diner DIY 

  1. Dawn Hall

    The kids must love it Brandon. What I really like is the cookie pan in the background attached to the wall. Great idea and great use of vertical space.

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  2. Sabina

    This is awesome!! I have no sense of creativity. Is there a possibility that you can teach a class to build these or other things together? I wish I can design the space to allow my little 4 years old to enjoy everyday coming home from jk.

    Liked by 1 person

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