Collect broken -small appliances, toys and electronics.

Provide the kids with safety goggles and gloves.

Put together a tray of small hammers, screw drivers, wire, duct tape, clamps, glue… Etc.

Let the kids go to town! (Carefully;)  Of course you can have some rules, but ease up. Treat them as capable little people and more often than not, that’s what you’ll see in return.

What will you see happening?

  • Counting and Sorting items by colour, size and shape. (Math – a lot of Math!)
  • Brainstorming ideas… ‘How can I attatch that?’ ‘How can I make these look like eyes?’
  • Children taking on or assigning roles ‘I’ll take these apart and you sort those into piles!’
  • Enjoyment of exploring the item that they’re disassembling.

Provide the kids with paper and pencils, as some will enjoy planning out their creations ahead of time – but keep in mind, some of us don’t work that way; if you told me to draw out my plan, I’d sit with a blank look on my face and accomplish nothing. I need to be free to create while playing with the materials.

Give the kids time to work on these over a few days. They may want to add to them as they come up with ideas (that may require collecting additional materials.)

And once finished, encourage the kids to ‘name’ their creation.

If you do this activity, please share photos of what the kids create!

Thanks for reading!

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