8 Simple Snow Play Activities to try TODAY! 

If you have a yard full of snow, get outside and build a fort.  If the kids can help, that’s great, if not, do it anyways!  It’s great exercise and when you build a ‘fort’ …

  • You are defining areas by creating walls
  • You can use those walls for ‘invitations to play’
  • It allows for easy movement around the yard (rather than trying to move through knee deep snow)
  • It can be added to for as long as the weather allows!

Here are 8 simple snow play activities to add to your area!

Music Wall

Make some noise!

Explore sounds with pie plates, cake pans, muffin tins and wooden spoons. 

Spray Paint 

A little food colour and water in a spray bottle is always a favourite! 

 Powdered Paint

Sprinkle it on the snow or mix it up in a bowl. 

Animal rescue centre

Put plastic animals into small tart tins, fill with water and freeze.  The kids can attempt to thaw or break the ice, to rescue the animal. 

Once all of the animals have been removed from the ice, the children can continue playing, by burying and hiding them in the snow. Add logs, rocks, bark and branches to the area to extend play. 

Frozen Treasure Hunt

Add jewels, beads, glitter and sparkly pompoms to water in ice cube trays, large bowls and muffin tins and freeze. 

Cookie Cutters

Kids can push these into the walls, cut shapes out of the snow or use them as stencils with paint!

Snow and Ice Kitchen 

Pots and pans, kitchen utensils, mugs, tongs, muffin tins … even a portable stove! The kids will play for hours. 

Puppet Theatre

Cut out a ‘window’ and give the kids hand puppets (large enough to fit over mitts) to put on a show. 

What are some of your favourite things to do in the snow?

Thanks for reading and sharing!❤️

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