Who doesn’t love mixing up a bubbly combination of baking soda and vinegar!? 

Add the joy of building and playing in the snow  = some very happy kids! 

Grab a pitcher or bucket and place it into the snow. 

Build a mountain of snow around it. Leaving just a hole at the top uncovered. 

Grab a container of baking soda and a container of vinegar. 

Add colour to the vinegar. 

Dump the baking soda into the hole (into the pitcher) …

And then add the coloured vinegar and watch! 

To Add

  • Encourage the kids to predict what will happen
  • Use a variety of colours. Blend and mix colours.
  • Build a Giant Snow-cano
  • Make it a race – set up a few snow-canos and watch to see which one will erupt first 
  • Make predictions about what will happen to the ‘lava’ if left in the snow
  • Add lightweight objects – such as pom-poms or buttons – will they stay in the container? Or bubble over the side? 
  • Leave the vinegar outside … Does it freeze? If frozen and added to the baking soda… Will it still bubble? 

And PLEASE share your experience with me! I love hearing your stories and seeing your photos. 

If you know someone who’d enjoy this activity, please share.