Grab a branch. Something dead, but solid and in good shape. 

Cut it up. I used a hand saw.

Drill holes. If you’re like me and doing this on the dining room floor, drill on something other than your nice wood floors…. or you may end up with a hole in them too (shhhh!) 😜

Sand the pieces. I sanded mine just enough to smooth the rough edges and give the pieces a softer finish. 

Embellish them with tattoos. Yes! Tattoos! 

Put the tattoos on the wood pieces just as you would on your arm. (Remove plastic, put tattoo sticky side down, place a damp cloth over top and apply pressure for 30 secs) 

You can add a finish over top, or leave it natural. 

Now add feathers, wire, dowels, branches, pipe cleaners, beads etc…  Anything for little hands to poke and thread through the holes. 

And now watch those little ones go! 

This is an excellent fine motor activity -but there’s a lot of math here too!  Phoebe was counting, comparing the length of the branches and making shapes. 

And wouldn’t this be a nice addition to a ‘calming corner’ ?! 

What do you think? What would you add or change to this activity? 

Let me know! 

Thanks for reading and sharing!