Teaching Feelings and Emotions with Chalk-Play Post Dolls

I picked this big bed post up for $15.  I plan to make quite a few projects out of it. Since the post dolls that I made a few months ago are still a huge hit, I thought I’d make a couple more – with a fun twist!

First, I cut the two knobs off.

Then, I cleaned and sanded them.

I made my own chalk board paint, using a mixture of Plaster of Paris, water and paint. I used this for the dolls face.

I painted the bodies and hair with regular acrylic paint.

Here they are! 

The girls LOVED them.

Of course, they enjoyed ‘drawing’ faces on their dolls, but it was also an excellent opportunity to talk about feelings and emotions.

The dolls were sad. I asked Phoebe ‘why?’  and she said ’cause they’re not sharing’ …. (She had just been ‘talked to’ a few minutes before about not sharing with her friend Adele.)

I asked ‘How can we make them happy?’ She, being very wise beyond her 2.5 years, handed me the chalk and said ‘draw them happy!’ (I was actually hoping she’d say – ‘they could share!’)

I wiped their faces and drew happy smiles.

She said ‘there!’

With a little prompting ‘they look happy… I wonder why they feel happy?!’ Phoebe answered ‘they are sharing now” 🙂

Later, when they wiped the dolls faces clean, Phoebe said ‘she’s sad ’cause she’s cold…’

So we found some hats and made felt scarves.

What do you think?!

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Thanks for reading and sharing❤️

One thought on “Teaching Feelings and Emotions with Chalk-Play Post Dolls

  1. Tammy

    Great job brandon let me know if you plan on selling them I might buy some for David school and one for home it would definitely help with autistic children and my son is an autistic child who has trouble reading facial expressions !!
    He has lots of trouble with social cues and this could help him and other children a lot …thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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