If you can get your hands on one (or many) of these big glass wine jugs… I’d recommend you do!  

Take a look at the five that my toddler and I have created. 

Nature Jug

We loooove to collect little bits of nature when we’re out exploring in the forest. While Nature Tables are beautiful, we’ve had a hard time keeping the little bits of nature on the table and out of the babies mouth… so this works well for us! We can add to our Nature Jug after each and every outing. And then admire the collection through the glass! 

*Keep paper and pencils near by so the children can record observations, predictions and questions.  They’ll love to draw and take note of what they see! 

Blizzard Jug

White feathers, styrofoam, buttons, beads, rocks, felt and sequins… Add water and stir for a fabulous snow storm effect! Throw in some ice cubes. How long will they take to melt? 

Christmas Jug 

Phoebe has noticed that everywhere she looks lately she sees the colours red, green and gold.  She shouts ‘look it’s Christmas!’ over and over again.  So she loves this Jug that looks like a big Christmas Celebration.  Ribbon, glitter, pipe cleaners, buttons and sparkles swirling and whirling around in water. We also added a few ‘search and find’ items! 

Coin Jug

Phoebe loves coins and has a cute way of convincing people to give her change for her piggy bank.  So here’s a nice way to collect and save small change! 

Party Jug

Colourful feathers, yarn, pompoms, glitter and buttons. And something really cool? We added little metal chips that you can pick up and drag around with a magnetic wand on the outside of the jug! 



Additional Ideas

  • Letters and Numbers 
  • Laminated Photos of Students
  • Bells
  • Sand and Plastic Animals 
  • Colourful Lights
  • Sink or Float Experiment 
  • Exploring the Ocean 

…. how would you use this jug in your classroom? 

I love hearing from you and appreciate when you share my posts! ❤️❤️