Please check with your child before cutting their work into circles! If they’re old enough to do the cutting, gluing and WANT to cut their picture – great! Otherwise, just display and frame their drawing as is! After putting some thought into a comment that was made about this post, I think that it’s not a great idea. Though I did use a photocopy, I still think I may have shown her that i don’t respect her work. (i.e. What if I cut apart or out a very important part of her picture by cutting it up? Being 2, that would be hard for her to tell me!) What do you think?


It’s often difficult to think of a gift that a child can create, without a lot of help from an adult.

I love to create gifts out of art that my toddler has made.  That way, her part is still very process focused, while I can help with the end product.

I gave my 2 year old a package of chalk pastels and nice thick paper. She spent about 20 mins drawing pictures and then playing with the pastels afterwards. Sorting, stacking and identifying colours. While she was drawing the picture, I asked her questions about the person she was creating this masterpiece for and recorded her answers. That will be added to the gift.

When she was finished her drawing, I photocopied it.  The picture she created is beautiful all on its own, but here is an idea of another way to present it as a gift.

Using the copies, I traced and cut out circles in a few sizes

Arranged and glued them on to white cardstock

And then framed it!

With this gift, I included a few photos of the process of her creating the picture and added quotes.


Let me know what you think 🙂

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