If you’re familiar with this Montessori inspired activity, you’ll understand why my 2 year old is allowed to work with thumbtacks…If you aren’t, then you likely think I’m crazy…

Let me introduce you to a favourite activity of mine.

Draw a circle on a piece of construction paper and place it on a mouse pad. 

Demonstrate to the child how to carefully hold the pin – and show them that it is sharp( I touch my finger to the tip and make an exaggerated ‘ouch’) 

Show the child how to carefully poke the paper, following along the line. One poke closely following another. 

Look at those chubby little hands! What do you see? Aside from being adorable – an awesome grip! This is great for developing fine motor skills and for practicing and preparing to hold a pencil.  She’s also working on self regulation. 

When I’ve used this activity in K classrooms, the children have lined up for it. It has always been a favourite. 

Not comfortable with kids using pins? I get that. Unsure? Try it!  Children appreciate being treated as responsible little people and more often then not they will amaze  you with how cautious and careful they are. (Yes, even ‘that’ kid😜) (btw, I was always ‘that’ kid- so I’m speaking from experience ) 

When the child has ‘mastered’ this activity, they’ll be able to poke so carefully on the line, that you’ll be able to help them ‘pop’ the circle out. 

Like this: 

They will be so proud of that circle! (And from there move on to new shapes! Use a cookie cutter for easy tracing) 

Use the Snowman Circles printable below and the children can decorate them, once they’ve poked them out. Or use them for an entirely different activity. Enjoy! (Click the link at the bottom of the page.) 

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