I have always loved making beautiful sensory bottles. They’re often used to help a child to calm and relax, as they quietly watch the contents float and swirl around. 

Here’s a new take on this old favourite!  It’s inexpensive, super simple to make and very durable. 

You will need…

  • Clear plumbing tube. I bought this at my local Home Hardware for $1.69 a foot. 
  • Plugs to fit snugly into the ends of the tube. They’re  about $1 a piece.
  • Filler! Buttons, shells, glitter, bells, coloured water, little styrofoam balls etc..

Put the plug into one end and fill the tube, leaving some space for movement. I fill it about half way full. Once filled, put the other plug in.


What did you add to your calming tube? Let me know!

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