DIY Calming Tubes

I have always loved making beautiful sensory bottles. They’re often used to help a child to calm and relax, as they quietly watch the contents float and swirl around.

Here’s a new take on this old favourite!  It’s inexpensive, super simple to make and very durable.

You will need…

  • Clear plumbing tube. I bought this at my local Home Hardware for $1.69 a foot.
  • Plugs to fit snugly into the ends of the tube. They’re  about $1 a piece.
  • Filler! Buttons, shells, glitter, bells, coloured water, little styrofoam balls etc..

Put the plug into one end and fill the tube, leaving some space for movement. I fill it about half way full. Once filled, put the other plug in.


What did you add to your calming tube? Let me know!

As always, I appreciate your questions and comments and LOVE when you share my posts!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Calming Tubes

  1. Andrea King

    I think these are awesome!! Im an EA and I work with autistic students. They will love these! I’m going to make some but wonder if there is water in them or just the glitter balls shells etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rightbrainedmom

      Hi there!
      Two have water (the one with the small colourful styrofoam balls and the one with the shells and rocks) the one with the bells does not.
      The plugs are very effective at holding the water in. No drips at all!
      There are so many fun ways to make these and also, the tube come in a variety of sizes as well. Let me know how they turn out 🙂


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