DIY Lil’ Tree-ple

Collect branches.

Dry, cut and sand.

Add faces.

Hats made out of little baby socks fit nicely.

A great add to the block centre! 🙂

3 thoughts on “DIY Lil’ Tree-ple

  1. Misha

    These are pretty awesome. I might have to try some out with my students. We have so much old-growth honeysuckle in our classroom we don’t even know what to do with ourselves. What did you use to make the faces? Acrylic paint?

    A few weeks back, we used some reddish brown clay and natural materials to “help the trees express themselves.” We used acorn caps for eyes, halved black walnuts for noses, and pinestraw for hair, moss for beards and mustaches. When we were all done making the faces, we just wet the corners and attached them to the oaks in our clearing.

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