The Quiet Tree and (Free)Leaf Printable 

Gather some branches and wrap twine around the bottom.

Use a ball of plasticine to keep your ‘tree’ upright.

Using the leaf template, make leaves to ‘decorate’ the tree.

You can use cardstock OR if you want to make something that will last longer, try using Shrinky Dink printable plastic.

ShrinkyDinks shrinkable plastic is fabulous. One of my all time favourite craft materials. You can buy it at your local craft store – if you get it at Michaels, be sure to download the Michaels app on your phone, so you can get 40% off!

It’s easy to use. Just put it in your printer, as you would paper, and print.

Cut out the leaves, punch holes and then bake in the oven at 300 for 3-5 mins.

Tie some string through the holes so that the leaves can hang on the tree.

This is a nice quiet activity and also great for improving fine motor skills. While the children are playing, you’ll also likely notice them identifying and sorting colours and counting and comparing the leaves.

Use this leaf printable below to make this activity or another!

Right click, save and print.

Please send me photos of what you make! I love seeing your creativity!

Please feel free to also send me your questions about this activity or any others you see at rightbrainedmom and as always, I truly appreciate when you share my posts!

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