DIY Stick and String Letters 

These are easy to make and with very little materials needed, inexpensive as well!

I printed the letters out and then outlined them in sharpie. This was to give me a good working space and so that I could use each letter as a guide.

I grabbed some sticks (I cheated though – these were from a little garden liner that I picked up at the dollar store) Some string and a hot glue gun. If you want to do this with children, you could use a good white glue instead of the hot glue.

I cut up the sticks and put them down on to the letters and then glued the sticks together. Pretty simple!

Once all of the letters were formed, I added some string.  The kids can trace the string with their finger to feel the shape of the letter.

I added string to the back so that this set could be hung.

You could use them on a bulletin board or hide them in the forest…

Can you find the hidden word in the picture below?

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