The Sky’s The Limit

This recent find had me very excited.

An old plastic rectangular dome shaped sky light.  I had so many ideas for this, but decided to use it as a light exploration table.

I cleared an area and put down an old mirror (also from the dump)

Added some old Christmas lights and then covered the sides.

To add to the space, I hung a clear plastic table protector overhead.

And jewels in the trees.

Beckett came to see our new area. 

And I left them a love note, made out of twigs💕

What would you use this skylight for? A sensory bin? Tacked up to a fence as an easel? (with eye catching beads hanging behind it!) The possibilities are endless.

If you don’t have my luck at the dump, there are many places to buy one of these – I found a man named ‘Holiday’ at who sells them  – order a few and shipping isn’t so bad!

If you do… Please share a photo of how you incorporate it into your space!


P.S. I have to add… LOOK at it in the dark! I may have to take my pillow and blanket out tonight.

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