Show Me Your Junk! ðŸ˜œ

A few months back, when I grabbed my first item from the dump, I was a little embarrassed. I sort of -hid in the van, pretending to be on my phone, waiting for that car to leave, so that I could bolt – grab and run. Now a days, if you roll up while I’m carefully eyeing out the land of treasures – I’ll wave, say ‘hello’ and then in my best creepy man voice shout ‘show me your junk!’ …Then I’ll laugh …and unfortunately, because I know from experience, you’ll look a little nervous and drive on…

So … Before I show you my recent finds, let me just say… Please! Please! Quit throwing this stuff out! -I know, you’re likely thinking ‘but then what would you do with your free time?!’- (true) If you live in Haliburton, or within a few hours, send me a message ( and show me your junk. (But not that junk- please) Maybe I could use it! Or better yet, help you think of a way to use it!

Two days ago, I came home with a van full of tires and a slide – all from the dump.

The slide was in good shape but a little wobbly, so I cut the legs off (with a pipe cutter) to sink it down into the ground.

The tires were dirty, so we gave them a good scrubbing.

And here they are now…

Super easy and it’s a fabulous Climb and Slide area for the Enchanted Forest!

I love receiving your questions, comments and photos of your play spaces! Keep them coming and please share my blog on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest! ❤️

10 thoughts on “Show Me Your Junk! ðŸ˜œ

  1. Anonymous

    is your enchanted forest just a family project that you are sharing your ideas with the public, or is it something you’re making open to the public to visit?

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  2. Valerie Ashton

    My name is Valerie Ashton I am the reclaim artist at HSAD I have a pile of stuff from the Dysart landfill you may be interested in. I need to clear out my studio this week if you want to look at what I’ve got let me know

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