The Sandy Bottom Boat 

Why have a sandbox, when you can have a sand-BOAT!

So I was at the dump the other day (far too many of my stories start this way…) and in the Scrap Metal bin… A Boat! I asked a friend to help me pull it out, and my honey to borrow a truck and pick it up (he doesn’t even bat an eye anymore) I pulled it down into the forest… Decorated it a little… Filled it with sand and it’s ready for play!

5 thoughts on “The Sandy Bottom Boat 

  1. Ficelle

    I have been looking all over for a boat like this! I don’t have a dump that’s accessible but thanks to you I found a “stuff to be repurposed” place which is just as great (stuff isn’t free though). Love your style =)

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  2. Karlyne Landrum

    Accessible dumps! I didn’t know they even existed anymore! And a boat at a dump? I can only wonder why in the world they didn’t offer them on Craig’s List or something? Who throws a boat away? (Sorry for all the !!! and the ???, but I just found this amazing!) P.S. Love your sandboat. (!)

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