I found this piece of vinyl lattice at the dump and thought it would work well for a sorting and weaving wall.  I brought it home and gave it a good scrub.

I bought Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover – for plastic (wood and metal) from Home Hardware.

And sprayed sections of the lattice with different colours.  The paint dries super fast and covers really well.

I added a basket full of feathers, pom-poms, ribbon, pipe cleaners and bows.

When Phoebe saw it she said ‘Oh Wow!’ and nearly jumped out of my arms.  I demonstrated putting ‘green on green, blue on blue, pink on pink etc’ …

She, being strong willed and two, said ‘Hell, no…’ And then put ‘pink on blue, green on orange, red on blue …’etc.  😜

It’s resting against a log in our forest but would be really easy to secure to a fence in the school yard and very light weight if you had to bring it indoors at the end of the day.

You can buy the lattice at Home Hardware (if the dumps not an option;)