DIY Music Station

Video – What to bring

My Sister-in-law Lisa and I decided that we’d like to work together to create something fun. She’s a teacher and loves music, so we decided on an Outdoor Music Station.

We started collecting items that we thought would appeal to the kids. Most of these items came from The Restore, Salvation Army or the dump – so we spent very little.

We found an old wooden door that someone was throwing away – we both loved it and agreed that it was perfect for this project.

We carefully removed the glass and all nails and gave it a good wash.

We took all of the items that we wanted to spray paint -outside – to give them a light sanding and a coat of paint.

While they were drying, we made strings of beads and bells to hang.

We then arranged everything on the door and secured it with nails, glue and hooks (hooks will make it easy to remove and to add items in the future)

Ta Da! A Music Station!

Easy to make and the kids love it.

We will offer Spruce Glen Elementary School this Music Station for their growing outdoor area.  Lisa will be teaching Grade 1 there this fall and I am so excited for her! ❤️

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