Rock Faces – Free Printable 

These are a lot of fun for kids of all ages and super easy and inexpensive to make.

If you’re short on magazines (and time) I’ve included three printables at the bottom of this page.

You will need…

– Use what you have around the yard or you can buy smooth rocks at most dollar stores, gardening or craft stores.

Mod Podge -You can buy Mod Podge in the craft aisle, or make your own (check Pinterest)

Magazines – A variety of magazines with lots of pictures of people and animals.

The kids can help look through the magazines, find and cut out what appeals to them. This is a fun activity in itself and it opens the door to lots of great conversation.

Once we’ve cut out all of our pieces, I glue them on to a sheet of paper and make photo copies – We keep these extra sheets in the craft room and use them for all sorts of different activities.

Now cut neatly around the image and glue it (mod podge) down to the rock. Smooth it out carefully so that there are no lumps or bumps and then add a layer over top. Once that layer is dry, add another.  I add about three or four layers to keep the image well protected.

And here are a few printables for you!

Right click, save image and print.

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