The day that I picked this up at the dump I was super excited.

It’s a large culvert pipe – or – an amazing playground tunnel 🙂

I found a spot for it in our ‘Enchanted Forest’

and started to pack forest depris all around it.  I also added old tires, large rocks and logs.

Once I had it well built up, we had a load of topsoil delivered and put the kids to work 😜

This part took a long time.

Once we had covered the entire area, I put down grass seed and planted a few plants.

I also spray painted the opening and added signs.

I placed a yoga mat inside, for traction and keep little knees from getting sore.

Hopefully the grass starts to grow soon – so that the kids will be able to climb up and over!

I’d love to see photos of your playground tunnels too!

Share a link in the comment section! 🙂