Here’s a craft that will cost you very little, is fun to do and makes a sweet gift for dad. 

You will need a box of Plaster of Paris ($6.99) 

An old pitcher

A large spoon for stirring.

Feet. 😜

Go to the beach! No beach? Use the kids sandbox! 

Make a mound of sand large enough to fit your foot.  Make sure the sand is damp.  Carefully make an imprint of the foot. 

Mix up the Plaster of Paris (I’ve done this craft about a thousand times but have yet to read the directions on the box…) I make it look like nice thick pancake batter. 

Slowly pour the mixture into the foot impression. 

Now you have to wait! 

After about 30-45 mins it should feel hard.  If not, give it more time! Carve your initials in while you wait. Once it’s fairly firm, you can gently lift it out and on to a paper plate or other flat surface for extra drying time.

Once it’s dry, turn it over and carefully brush off the sand with a paintbrush or an old toothbrush. 

Paint them or display them as they are!