$5 Find to Fabulous 

I bought this Little Tykes Jeep for $5.00 at a thrift store and decided to Revamp it for my niece, Kate❤️.

Here’s a before and after – and below are the simple steps to turn an old ride on into something fun and new.

I took the Jeep apart, as best as I could.

Washed everything really well…

I scuffed the pieces slightly with a fine sandpaper and then sprayed each piece.

I bought Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover spray paint (for plastic) and applied three coats, allowing each coat to dry in between.

Once everything was dry to the touch, I put the car back together and added a few details. Using a stencil, I added a ‘K’ on the door and X’s and O’s as a licence plate.

I sprayed the car with a sealer and now all that’s left to do is –  deliver it to my sweet baby niece and hope that she loves it!

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