Painting in the Forest

We added soft chalk and pastels for rock painting. 

And large shatter proof glass as an easel.

5 thoughts on “Painting in the Forest

    1. rightbrainedmom

      I know this sounds silly, but I get most of my materials from the dump. I could do a whole post on the fabulous stuff I collect from the local dump(s)
      Plexiglass is ideal. I see it thrown out all the time…. You can actually buy it as well;) (I’m trying hard not to buy what I can find for free of course!)


  1. Lise

    Thanks. I’m jealous of your dump post. I grew up near a dump and fantasized as a child about outfitting our backyard shed as a house or library or school with stuff I’d collect at the dump. Now, however, we’re not allowed to take stuff from our dump. I’m limited to and after-tag-sale free piles. Still hoping…

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